Event Marketing Resources

Please use the information below to make marketing your upcoming event as simple as possible. 

Brave Connect

Brave Connect is an engagement platform that allows students to discover and participate in programs, campus events, and student organizations. Click here to create your own Brave Connect profile using your UNCP login credentials and post your upcoming events.

Digital Signage

Outdoor Marquee Request Form

Please click here to request posting to the university's electronic outdoor signs located in front of GPAC and at the main intersection in front of campus. This form is for use by internal departments only. Please attach images in jpeg format and as close to the following dimensions as possible.

UNCP Sign Resolution (WxH):

  • Givens Performing Arts Center: 252 x 108 pixels
  • Main Sign: 324 x 180 pixels

Note: the marquee will not read .PDF or .PPT formats. Files sent in those formats will not be used.


Chavis Center Digital Displays

Digital Signage General Guidelines

Flat-screen digital displays throughout the UC (James B. Chavis University Center) are designated to broadcast events, activities, and announcements in both video and static images. Displays are located beside Bert’s (Chick Fil A) and the University Dining entrance.

Request to Post a Digital Announcement

  • Requests to publish DAs must be submitted to the University Center & Programs office via email at uc@uncp.edu.
  • Organizations must design and create their own DA prior to submitting a request.
                    - Announcements/Ads must include organization and contact information.
  • DAs may be posted for up to 14 business days prior to the event close date.
  • Organizations and departments may broadcast up to 3 total slides for concurrent rotation.
  • Each slide/announcement may be displayed for up to 7 seconds at a time.

Digital Signage Format Guidance

  •  Digital signage (DSA) announcements must be created as 1920h x 1080w pixel standard (4:3) images. Images will display in landscape format.
  •  Acceptable image formats:

               - Video formats: .ASF, .AVI, .MPEG, .MPG, .MOV, .SWF, .MP4, .M4V, .WMV 
               - Picture formats: .BMP, .EMF, .EPS, .EXIF, .GIF, .ICO, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, .PSD, .TIF, .TIFF, .WMF

  • UNACCEPTABLE FORMATS: PPT, PDF or BMP files will not be accepted.


    Flyering on Campus

    Below is a list of locations to distribute flyers/posters on campus. 

    • Office of Housing and Residence Life - leave a stack of flyers/posters at the main desk and they will get placed in residence hall common areas
    • Hand out flyers in the quad or other outdoor areas of campus. 
    • Leave small flyers in lounge areas in buildings, on side tables, in rack cardholders, on tables in the UC, and other heavily trafficked locations.
    • Upon approval from UNCP Dining, table tents can be placed on tables in the dining hall.
    • Place posters on bulletin boards available on and off-campus.
    • UC large poster stands: Posters must be 22″ x 28″ to fit in the 3-tier stands. Leave large format posters at the UC service desk (near the entrance next to the UC Annex) for approval and distribution. 
    • Other locations: on windows heading into the bookstore (do not place on doors), GPAC box office windows and GPAC entrance, in UC bathrooms, and above water fountains.

    Print & Email: 

    Online Event Calendars: 

    Submit your event to the online calendars below. 

    Social Media

    Depending on availability, UNCP main social media pages may be available to promote your upcoming event - Please contact Courtney Powers in University Communications & Marketing for more information. 

    Tips for Promoting Events Using Social Media


    • Create a Facebook Event page for an upcoming event. This allows individuals interested in going to share the event on their news feed, receive more details about the event, and see who's attending. 
    • Use Facebook Live to stream engaging content about an event before it happens. 


    • Upload images and videos of the event process, including pictures of event speakers, behind-the-scenes promotional material, and digital posters. 
    • Use the Instagram Stories feature as a daily teaser leading up to the date of the event. This gives interested attendees a sneak peek into what the event is about. 


    • Create a hashtag for an upcoming event. Hashtags can boost awareness for an event and allow you to keep track of engagement. 
    • Send out informative tweets that include updates, pictures, and other useful information about an upcoming event.


    • Like Instagram Stories, you can use Snapchat to upload videos and pictures of the event process.
    • If you have a guest speaker for an event, let them take over Snapchat the day leading up to an event. 
    • Create a Snapchat Filter for an event. For more information on how to create and buy a Filter, click here.


    • Participate in popular trends or "challenges" relevant to your event as a form of promotion. 
    • Like Twitter, incorporate hashtags to promote your video on TikTok and other social media platforms.